Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Camping Gear: Food Box

Green Lakes
This past weekend Matt and I went camping at Green Lakes State Park in upstate New York and spent a day or two at the New York State Fair. It was a beautiful Fall weather type weekend and we loved every minute. When we weren't munching deep fried deliciousness or walking around the beautiful Green Lakes themselves, we were chilling at our campsite where we welcomed a new member to our collection of camping gear: a food box.

our new old food box!

Growing up camping with my parents we always had two homemade boxes, one for food and one for cooking stuff. I asked my dad to make us one for my birthday this year and he dug out my his first box and gave it a fresh coat of paint for it's new owners.

Last September Matt and I went camping and shoved everything into one container. Finding anything was a hassle, especially smaller items like forks and spoons, and we never knew if we had everything because it was all buried. The food box is a wonderful solution and I love it.

Here are just a few from the state fair, more details can be read at my fallenpeach blog.

Midway Madness


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