Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Point South SC to Charleston SC to Traveler's Rest SC

 Knowing it was a short day allowed us to sleep in and enjoy our morning. It was nice to just sit at the camp table for a little while, even if the blog post I was trying to write wouldn't post to the internet.

I drove us the short distance to Charleston, South Carolina, practically bouncing in my seat. Charleston is, I believe, my favorite city in the USA. Or my favorite city that I have been to. My first trip was years ago, I went with a friend to see the last three concerts of the band Jump, Little Children (Charleston natives). The concerts were incredible, but in the meantime we wandered the city and both fell in love with it. I went back with two other friends and spent half the week in Savannah and half the week in Charleston and fell in love again.

 Something about the old buildings, palm trees, cobblestone streets and GAS LAMPS (!) just makes me happy. Marion Square was holding a Farmer's Market/Craft Fair that morning and we went there first, looking at the photos and crafts and debating the crepes. Then we walked the other direction towards the water and stopped to eat at Sticky Fingers. Delicious.

 Completely full from lunch, we walked to the water where I dipped my toes into the Pineapple Fountain and we blocked our cameras from the spray of water from the fountains the kids were playing in. It was nice and calming just to walk and hold hands and take photos and enjoy ourselves.

Next we went to Market Street and looked at the crafts and wares, some local shops and finally had dessert at Kaminsky's. A dessert place, Kaminsky's only serves desserts, alcohol, and specialty drinks that combine both. Matt had a piece of chocolate chip cherry pie and I had two small desserts - one orange creamsicle and one chocolate and white chocolate mousse. So so delicious.

Now truly stuffed we walked back to our car and drove to my friend Beck's house in Traveler's Rest SC. There we visited and watched movie trailers, chatted about movies and jobs and trips, played with the dog and relaxed. We spent the next day chilling and doing much of the same. We also took time to spray paint our mascots... which backfired. Turns out you need to prime them first or they stay sticky.

 The second day in Traveler's Rest was the Fourth of July and we stayed for a second night to go see fireworks and delay the trip home and visit more. The above photo was taken with light refraction glasses held in front of the camera lens. It does some really cool things to the fireworks.

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